How does this site work and how did it come to be?

img_1446I’m Nicole Dean and I’m probably best known as an Affiliate Manager, although I’ve been an Affiliate Marketer much longer — and it’s why I became an Affiliate Manager in the first place.

You see, I’m kind of geeky. I’m one of those people who finds an affiliate program that I get really excited about, I sign up and I rush in to see what they’ve got available.

Well, time and time again, I would be more than a bit disappointed by what I found once I got into their “affiliate center” and found nothing but a few poorly-designed banners. BOO!

So, I sought out a way to change things. I wanted to showcase those affiliate program who are doing things right — AND make it easier for Affiliate Marketers to find great affiliate promotional materials in one place.

So, that’s what we’ve got here for you.

I’ve found some of the best affiliate programs online — you know, the kind that give you awesome articles that you can publish on your blog, reports that you can put your affiliate link in them and give them away, and the ones that even have free videos that you can link to with your affiliate link.

All Affiliate Managers that have contributed content have granted permission for you to use their tools to promote their affiliate programs.

You can make money from everything on this site.

Here’s how:

1. Find an article that you’re interested in by searching the site.
2. Once you find some content that you’re interested in, sign up for their affiliate program.
3. Then, when you post the content on your blog or website or in your ezine, use the affiliate link provided by the merchant in the resource box on your site.

Whoa – slow down. That sounds confusing. Can’t I just grab some stuff and use it as it is?

Of course you may. As long as your website follows all basic rules and guidelines (nothing illegal or immoral), then you may use this content as it is (with links clickable and content unchanged).

As for newsletters, all affiliate programs have strict anti-spam policies. If your newsletter list is double opt-in, then you may use the articles.

Why would the authors want to do this? What’s the catch?

Unlike a lot of things on the internet, this is a win-win situation. These merchants want more affiliates to know about their programs and to promote them. And, you want content that makes you MONEY.

Everyone benefits.

Why share this information?

I am an affiliate for a lot of programs. I wanted to start this site to CHALLENGE affiliate merchants to provide us with more tools to sell their products. No more sending us off with just a banner or button — we are partners. I’m rewarding the Affiliate Programs that Don’t Suck. And, challenging the ones that do. (You know who you are…)

Let’s showcase the merchants who are making our lives easier — and challenge the ones who aren’t yet in the ballgame to step up to the plate.

Feel free to contact me anytime.

Nicole Dean

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